SD International Consulting Inc.

(Florida, Istanbul, Ankara, Brussels)


SD Organizasyon

(Based in Ankara, Turkey)

About Us

SD International Consulting Inc., was founded in Florida, and is a versatile international consultancy firm that approaches issues with a strategic outlook and dynamic perspectives. With experiences dealing in many international environments and cultures, SD International consulting Inc. also brings along a balance between its academic and professional experiences. With presence in 3 continents and access to broader regions in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, and global availability, SD International has an advantageous position in providing key services in a relatively large geography with a compact team of experts. Whether you would like an academic study to be conducted, need consultancy in international developments project, seek an experienced partner for projects of international agencies, or need an analysis on the business environment of a new international market, SD International Consulting is here to help to provided tailored services on demand.


SD International

• Seminars on global business and politics

• International events and training program organization

• Representation and advisory in new market penetration activities

• On-site training and study tours

• On-site training and field research

• Site surveying, reporting, and initial investment analyses

• Project Management

• Business Development Services

• Networking and PR

• Strategic Analyses

• Market analysis and initial risk assessment

• Investment consulting

• International Tourism and Real Estate Advisory

• Mergers and Acquisition process management

• Project coordination

• Due diligence

SD Organizasyon

• Congress, Seminar and Event Organization

• Organization: Workshops and training, participation in Trade Fairs and similar organizational activities

• Training & Education: training and educational consulting, academic advisory, representation, organization of exchanges, and short-term training, study-tours, technical tours



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